hard chrome plating
Hard Chrome Plating
Metalife Industries, Inc.

ISO certification
  • Drawings can be submitted for quote via fax at (814)  676-5662 or via email at sales@metalifeind.com.  Click the email link, include contact information, the volume of pieces to be processed for MLP, Hard Chrome or TDC Flash and attach a drawing in .jpg, .gif or .pdf format.

  • Items to be processed should be surface finished prior to shipment and all paint, scale, rust, grease, etc should be removed.  In order to achieve top performance we recommend a finish of 32 rms or better.

  • We realize most jobs require quick turn around.  Our goal is to meet those required dates.  Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your required delivery date when needed in a hurry.  Otherwise, due dates can be submitted on your purchase order. 




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Last Modified:  August 2, 2013